Meet The Herd


Welsh ponies are often known for their versatility, and this one is no exception. At only 5 years of age, Cocoa can already be driven single or double and is also broke to ride, a far cry from his previous career as stock for the wild pony race! He is very well built and carries adults with no difficulty. He will be ridden consistently this summer to prepare for a career as a lesson pony.


"Mo" is a two year old Suffield Block horse straight off the prairies of McKee Ranch. He has a natural ability to jump, exceptional movement and stunning conformation, making him an ideal sport horse. Melissa hopes to start him under saddle when the time comes.


When Garnet arrived at NorthHorse she was very much your typical nasty, conniving Shetland pony. She usually had a look on her face that could sour milk and wouldn't hesitate to bite or kick, but after some hard lessons in manners, she quickly decided that having a better attitude would be far easier. Now, though sometimes her signature frown makes an appearance, her strong work ethic and intelligence make her both trainable and lovable. This summer she will start a career as a pack pony.


This little filly, a full sister to Garnet, was the first foal born at NorthHorse. She is now a year old and already has an impressive little resume, performing beautifully and earning second place in the current year foal class at the Darwell Horse Show. She knows exactly how cute she is and loves to be loved, groomed, and doted over. This year she will continue to enjoy being a youngster in the pasture, as well as attend a few more local shows.

MR Piper

This four year old mare came to NorthHorse as an adorable, shy weanling born on the prairies of southern Alberta. Since then she has grown into an athletic, enthusiastic performance horse and a teammate for recreational rider Kris Mitchell. She is a barn favourite due to her extreme intelligence, good attitude and level head. She is very dominant in the herd, and keeps the young colts in line. Despite not being the tallest horse we have, she is most definitely the fastest, and she loves to get out and go!

MR Texicana (Forté)

After living as a wild stud on the plains of southern Alberta for three years, this Suffield Block horse found himself on his way to NorthHorse. At first glance, Forté didn't seem to be anything special, but as soon as he stepped off the trailer Melissa fell in love. His big personality and cheeky attitude earned him a permanent place as her future show horse. This past summer he was started under saddle and, though he can be a handful, he has shown remarkable bravery and a competitive spirit.


Mighty Top Ace is an APHA registered solid black Appaloosa gelding and Melissa's forever horse. Together for eleven and a half of his twelve years, Ace and Melissa have done everything from eventing and dressage to trail rides and western pleasure. They have recently been working on liberty riding (riding without any equipment) and are enjoying the new challenge.

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