About NorthHorse

NorthHorse understands that every horse is every bit as unique and special as the people that own them. Not every method is effective for every horse, and not every horse is right for every family. NorthHorse works to create confident, enthusiastic horses that love their jobs, and match them with families they can connect with - beyond simple riding. At NorthHorse, horses are trained using natural methods that the horse can understand. These methods preserve the horses' unique movement and personality, while still producing a balanced, willing mount.

Pricing & Location

NorthHorse is proud to provide exceptional services to its customers at unbeatable prices:

Training - $500/mo
For one month of standard training (approx. 25 rides).
Riding Lessons - $25/hr
Basic and intermediate riding instruction. Student must have their own horse!
Clinics and Demonstrations - $30/hr
A wide variety of unmounted horse clinics and demos.

For more information, please check out our services page.

NorthHorse is located on Township Road 540 and Range Road 42, just north of Wabamun Lake. For more information, please check out our contact page.

About the owner

Melissa Maerz is the owner and trainer at NorthHorse. With over thirteen years of horse experience, all starting with a cheeky little rescue donkey named Snowball, Melissa has moved through pony club, and continued in dressage, equitation, and pleasure. She has worked under numerous coaches, including Kathy Playdon, Susanne Rauhut, and Doc Hammill while learning on her own how to start colts under saddle and in harness. Melissa has also placed at the top levels of National Quiz, a competition of comprehensive equine knowledge. Though equine sport is a huge part of her life, her passion has become training horses to be the perfect family/children's mount. Drawing from all the different methods she has experienced over the years, she uses the knowledge she has gained to create horses that can turn horse lovers into horse owners and riders.